December 4, 2023

Community-led Solutions: Empowering Residents for Sustainable Waste Management in Lilongwe

Waste management is a significant challenge, with only 55% of the waste being collected by local authorities and private operators. The Lilongwe city council faces limitations and covers only 25% of residential areas due to factors such as financial constraints. Illegal waste disposal practices, such as dumping in rivers, roadside areas, and public spaces, have become common, leading to health and

Soft Skills and Entrepreneurial Success for SMEs

The current business landscape is about communication, relationships, and presenting your organization in a positive way to customers and potential funders. It is no longer enough for an entrepreneur to be highly trained in the technical skills of their trade, without developing the softer, interpersonal, and relationship-building skills that help people to communicate and collaborate effectively.

In the Midst of The Covid-19 Second Wave: What Next for SMEs in Malawi?

Much as it was reported that the Covid-19 pandemic led to a minimum loss of US$164.71 million in real output (Thula et al., 2020), most entrepreneurs anticipated that the new year will start on a good note and help to recover the losses incurred in 2020.

THINK Solutions

By 2030, 100 million young Africans are expected to join the labour force considering that employment is a leading pathway out of poverty...